Body Development

The eight movements

Here I have compiled the eight basic movements and two combinations thereof. The order is not mandatory. Please perform these exercises thoughtfully. In case of complaints, I urge you to desist.

Align the neck

Ausrichtung des Nackens

With this exercise, the tension of the deltoid muscle is brought into balance.
At the moment of releasing the hand beats on the outer thigh. Here you’ll find intersection points, control points that are important for the meridian tendons.
In the clip you can see how I shift my weight to one side. In that case, my left shoulder feels heavier. I shift my focus here. With the aim to increase both shoulders at an even level.

  • With relaxation I return to the center.
  • Please perform this exercise only with guidance.

Walk on the spot …

Auf der Stelle marschieren

Completion Exercise. In an alternated step rhythm without losing the middle.
With the eyes shut it is even more difficult …

Bend and extend

Beugen und Strecken

The forward bending, in which the weight is shifted to the back, stimulates the yang heel vessel – the Yang Qiao May
(Be careful when Gulping to shift the weight a little farther to the rear: the head is now of even high)
Upon stretching, the Du Mai – the gouvernor vessel – will be stimulated. Here I shift the weight towards the ball of your foot: I push the belly forward and brace myself in the stretch, and at last my head follows.
(For the return of the head initiates the movement.)


Turn to the bright side. The weight will be shifted on the same side, to which we turn ourselves.
In the first clip I am looking which side is easier for me. I then found my chocolate side: Afterwards I repeat the rotation three to four times. In the end I’m testing the opposite direction.

Side bend

This movement requires more self-perception. Often, the weight is shifted to the inner foot. But then my base is weakened. It is better to shift the weight to the outside foot, then I can see the entire outline stretching from the foot to the hand. And on the inside is contracting accordingly. Please exercise only if it makes you feel comfortable.

Pulling and compressing

Ziehen und Stauchen

The last of the eight movements …
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