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Due to exorotation of the thigh the leg length increases. As a result, the ilium is shifted upwards. This in turn changes the position of the spine: Compensatory curvatures are set.


The pelvis and the spinal column

The pelvis is the basis of the spinal column. A change of the opening corner of the thigh head in the articular cavity results in a shift of the pelvis shovels. This mixes up the balance of the hip and loins region.

Zeichner: Heiko SchulzeOne of the most important examination techniques in the Sotaiho serves the determination of the leg length difference and the opening corner in the hip joint (Hayashi, in 2006).

According to Dr. Isogai there is always one leg hanging more loosely than the other in the hip! In the illustration the left side is concerned. Here the femur too strongly is turned outward. Then the sacrum´s position comes more to a horizontal level, the buttok is shifted upwards. The leg appears longer, although anatomically no difference is present.

Shifted pelvis shovels have consequences for the basis of the spinal column. A light shift the SIG joint is a cause for inclined states in the loins region. To keep in the plumb this false position will be compensated by a countercurvature in the further course of the spinal column.

These mostly lateral deformities are the weak spots in the organism. Frequently it has only consequences for the movement organ. But such disturbances have certainly also influence on the functioning of the whole organism. One thinks there, e.g., of the phenomenon of the Head zones with which organ pains are projected on the body surface, or connevctive tissue zones, through their treatment the condition of inner organs could be influenced positively (Jänig, 1986).

According to Dr. Isogai there is a prearrangement for certain organ illnesses which can be determined by the leg length difference. Therefore, persons with longer right leg suffer rather from breast illnesses, while persons with longer left leg have an arrangement for illnesses of the belly space.

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