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Seitai Jutsu was developed in the 1920s by Michio Takahashi. It is a method to solve tension and pain by unconscious movements.

Katsugen Undo

Adapted from: http://www.hara-awareness.eu/Katsugen_Undo_e.html

Katsugen Undo regenerative movements are an effective body and energy work technique to support deep let go and restore vitality and health in the body, mind and soul.

Katsugen Undo is Japanese and means “movement from within” or “life renewing itself from the source”.

Based on the fact that each body has a natural and individual sense of order which lies in deep connection with its own life energy, there are guidelines and precise techniques to stimulate this inherent life energy within. Through these techniques, the body is brought to a space where it can self-regulate itself, mind and soul to a state of health and balance without the use of any outside agents.

The spontaneous movements release energy blocks in the spine and nervous system. The body has the chance to find, in a completely natural way and without any overexertion, its very own rhythm.

With the help of the guided exercises and hands on energy work, the body’s spontaneous movements can be awakened. The function of the brain and the hara – the center in the belly – can come into a state of balance. Alone, with a partner, or also in groups, by supporting each others flow of Qi, life energy in the body is given space to find its very own natural movements.

These movements can be subtle and soft, or also dynamic and powerful. The impulse of each movement comes from the self regulative healing force of the body and is thus spontaneous. In addition, repressed feelings from the past, which are stored as tensions in the body and nervous system get released without having to reenter the emotional memory. Energy is freed and transformed.

Katsugen Undo is a direct way to experience freedom and space in the here and now; without any preset ideas, one can let go to the wisdom of the body, trust and thus follow the impulses that then arise.